26 April 2018


Portraits of the beautiful, glamorous Peggy Harcourt.

"Short and Sassy" Peggy is made by the Tonner Doll Company in 2012, wears a wig and has the re-designed curvaceous body with narrower hips. She's 16 inches tall. Friend of 2nd version of DeeAnna Denton (for readers who don't collect dolls: "friend" means they have the same body and can share clothes).

20 April 2018

Whitherville episode 1 - The theft

A doll story in 17 episodes.

Main characters overview: click here.


From Emmanuelle Valentine's notebook:
"A lot happened all at once in Whitherville that week... Who could have imagined that our quiet village harbored so many secrets? I sure couldn't have! It all started with a burglary..."

Saturday, March 2, 10h17

There has been a break-in in the residence of Eve and Tia LaSalle. The investigation team has just left and detectives Marc Van Steen and Natalie McGovern are busy with their interrogations.

Tia: "On the list I gave you, you can find all the names of the employees of the Castle. A lot of freelancers and students work here occasionally, so it's a long list. The other is a list of our missing jewelry. The safe is empty, apart from some personal papers."

Detective Van Steen: "Are you sure nothing else is missing, Miss LaSalle?"

Tia: "Yes, I'm positive."

Detective McGovern: "Is that a real Grippengrouser there, above your couch? Very impressive, they are almost impossible to come by!"

Tia: "Yes detective, it is. You're obviously an art connoisseur, so you probably know what it's worth."

Detective McGovern, approaching the painting: "... Are you sure it's not a copy? I mean, the paint looks so... fresh! And... it even smells like it's just painted!"

Tia, taking a closer look at the painting: "Please, detective, of course it's not a... copy!?! Oh no! No no nooo! Eve!!! Come here, now! Oh dear, I'm going to faint!"

Eve: "Tia! What happened? Why is my sister unconscious? Detectives, do something!"

The doorbell rings. The housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson, leaves the room to answer te door.

Nat helps Marc to put Tia on the couch.

Marc: "Keep her legs up as high as possible."

Nat: "Nice shoes!"

Mrs. Hudson introduces the guest.

Eve: "Oh, father Kyle... Nolan is it? Nice to meet you, I hope you're settling in alright at the vicarage? I'm sorry, but we will have to make another appointment to talk about your first charity event. We've been robbed and everything is a bit chaotic here as you will understand. I'll call you as soon as possible."

Eve pauses for a few seconds, looks deep into father Kyle's eyes, and continues: "You're very attractive for a priest!"

Father Kyle: "Uuuh... Nice to meet you too, and," clearing his throat, "uhhuumm... thank you..."

Mrs. Hudson abruptly interrupts the conversation. "... Miss Eve!!! I'll show the father out now shall I?"

She takes father Kyle by the arm and walks with him to the front door.

Meanwhile Tia has regained consciousness again. She informs Eve about the painting while Van Steen talks to mrs. Hudson.

Van Steen: "So you didn't hear anything last night mrs. Hudson?"

Mrs. Hudson: "No, no I didn't, I take a sleeping pill every night you see! If a horde of elephants would break into my bedroom, I'd sleep right through it! I'm sorry detective..."

Van Steen: "All the doors were locked? You're sure of that?"

Mrs. Hudson: "Yes... No... I mean I think so! Oh, I'm confused..."

Van Steen: "It's fine mrs. Hudson, thank you for your statement. We'll go into the details later at the police station, when you've calmed down."

Mrs. Hudson goes to the kitchen to get refreshments for everyone.


Nat McGovern: "So, to sum it up, the misses LaSalle and mrs. Hudson were sound asleep, Lilly Sapphire was in the guesthouse, and nobody heard a thing. There's no sign of a break-in, the burglars presumably got in through an open window of the ballroom. The question is, how did they get in here, and how were they able to empty the safe, steal the Grippengrouser ànd replace it with a forgery and walk out again? We'll figure it out, don't worry. Does anybody else have a key to your apartment? Does Lilly have a one?"

Tia: "Mrs. Hudson obviously has a key because she lives here, Forbes, the janitor also has one, Lorraine, our personal shopper, Fee, the dog walker, our stylist Aurelio, Lu Ang, our Zagee-Zen therapist, Alan, my personal trainer, Keith, Eve's personal trainer ... Who am I forgetting Eve... Oh yes, of course, Lilly obviously has one too, she is our personal assistant. Eve, where is she by the way?"

Nat rolls her eyes. Marc tries to hide that he's laughing and coughs.

Eve: "She's picking up some groceries and... other things for me in Main Street."

Tia, agitated: "And that couldn't wait, could it?! We're in a crisis here, and for all we know she could be involved in the robbery! Oh, the Grippengrouser, I can't believe it!"

Tia turns chalk white again.

Eve: "Tia, please don't faint again! Detectives, if that is all? My sister needs to rest now and I have to go check on the horses."

Nat: "Yes, of course. Here's my card. Let miss Sapphire contact us as soon as possible please. And it's very important that we need the names of every single person who has a key! Good day." She mumbles: "Or a list of who doesn't, that'll be probably a shorter one!"

Mrs. Hudson shows the detectives out.

To be continued...

18 April 2018

Esmé enjoys the sunshine

Bird print skirt and top made by me, jewelry from the Tonner Doll Company.
Esmé: Dinner With Russell, Tonner Doll Company 2006.

8 April 2018

My last resin girl is moving to a new home

Once upon a time I had a resin Asian ball jointed doll family. Girls, boys, in different sizes and from various doll companies. My doll collection is always changing, growing and shrinking, and during the years one by one my BJDs "moved out", until finally only one head was left: Mody.

This head is an original design that is made by Modoll, who sells via Natrume on Etsy.

Modoll makes truly amazing lifelike heads of celebrities, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, Angelina Jolie, Tom Hiddleston, ... . Her own designs are beautiful as well, and so are the face-ups she does. I bought Mody unpainted and gave her a face-up myself, and I liked the result. She has freckles, which I love on doll faces, but it's difficult to see in the pictures. In real life they are more visible.

Now I sold her to a new owner, who hopefully will enjoy her as much as I have!

With the disappearance of this last resin head yet another new chapter in my collection begins. I'm currently selling other dolls as well, and want to go in a different direction. My goal, apart from publishing the doll story about my play scale dolls, is to thin my collection out to the point where I only will have tall fashion dolls left to sew, knit and crochet for (Tonner and CED dolls only).

I truly admire and enjoy seeing other doll enthusiasts' large and varied collections. I love all kinds of dolls: vintage, antique and modern dolls in every thinkable size, material and of any age. Doll history fascinates me. But I discovered long ago that collecting only is not what gives me the most pleasure. I need to "do" something with my dolls in order to be able to enjoy them fully. "Do" something means creating things for them and photographing them.

And that's what I hope to achieve! However, fellow doll collectors will know what I mean when I say that behind every corner a doll could be calling out, like a siren, to take her home, so this is a goal, but if I will succeed is something only the future will tell ;-D. My doll budget is practically non-existing for a while due to other costs, so that will help to avoid buying expensive dolls, but then there are flea markets and thrift stores that will be tempting... We will see!

And that's it for today :-)

3 April 2018

Gene's 1930s sideboard

My husband surprised me with a lovely gift: a miniature sideboard, most likely made in the 1930s. It could be a salesman's sample, or made by a carpenter's apprentice or a student.  It has a good size for Gene Marshall from Ashton Drake, who is 15 1/2 inch tall.

I really love this sideboard. The flower and leaf design of the middle panel and the door handles are beautiful. The sideboard is slightly curved, as was the fashion back then. The mirror has had its best time, but I think it's authentic, so I will leave it just as it is.


Dress, shoes and fan are from "Love After Hours" by Mel Odom, 1998.

29 March 2018


Billie is very pleased with the lounge set I won in the giveaway organized by Dlubaniny Lalkowe for the first anniversary of her blog. The set consists of a seat, a pouf and a coffee table.

In the morning Billie enjoys a nice hot cup of coffee in the comfortable seat before she gets ready for a new busy day. Her cat keeps her company, sitting on the pouf.

In the evening, after her working day and dinner, Billie relaxes with a cold drink and popcorn in front of the TV.

And at night, when Billie is asleep, her furry roommate stays up to watch her favorite TV shows... ;-)

15 March 2018

Hectic times

I just want to say hi, and that I'm sorry I don't have the time to visit all my favorite blogs and to comment on all the new posts. Things are very hectic at the moment. It feels like a thousand things need attention and a lot is happening all at once.

I simply don't have time for my own dolls either, but I do miss them a lot!

In a few weeks hopefully things will calm down.

I'll be back then with pictures of the giveaway items I won for the 1st anniversary of Dlubaniny Lalkowe's blog. You can see what I won here: a beautiful lounge set consisting of a chair, a pouf and a table. I love it! Thank you so much Dlubaniny :-). This set will be used in my doll story in one of the protagonists' apartment. This lovely set deserves a nice photo session, so I'll take pictures of it when I have time and space to do so properly.

I hope to catch up very soon with the latest posts of the blogs I follow :-).

7 March 2018

Natalia is cross with me ...

Natalia, who will play the role of detective Nat McGovern in my photo story, gives her opinion on the suit I bought for her. This suit is made for female action figures, not for fashion dolls, but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. It's a very nice, well made suit, but unfortunately it doesn't fit very well. I'll use it anyway and will try to take pictures in a way that it doesn't show too much :-). I will not, however, torture Natalia by making her wear the shoes. They are gigantic for her!

Anyway, Natalia is not very pleased!

Natalia: "Dear readers, I'm modeling the suit that I will have to wear in Whitherville. It's my very first acting job and I'm nervous about that, but I'm even more nervous about this suit! The sleeves of the jacket and blouse are too short for my elegant, long arms. And look at the shoes!"

Me: "You won't have to wear the shoes Natalia..."

Natalia: "You bet I won't wear them! I can't! They are 5 sizes too big!"

Me: "Yes Natalia, the action figure girls have different proportions than you. You are a fashion doll..."

Natalia: "The pants are so wide, and short, I'll have to tighten my belt to keep them up."

Me: "I'll make sure that it doesn't show, okay?"

Natalia: "Hmmmpfff..."

Natalia: "You see, readers, how a starting actress has to suffer? Hey, but at least I still look gorgeous, right?"


3 March 2018

UHU magazine

Apart from dolls, I also collect old paper (photographs, magazines, letters, ...), mainly but not exclusively from the late 1800s to the 1950s.

Yesterday seven UHU magazines arrived with the mail. UHU was published between 1924 and 1934 in Berlin. I bought them especially for the covers, but found some pictures of dolls inside as well.

August 1928 cover.
In this issue there were two doll related pictures:

A factory where wax mannequins were produced.

French performer Mistinguett with her doll collection.

In another issue: this photo of a wax figure of Madame Tussaud herself :-).

January 1932 cover.
 And this is my favorite cover:

August 1932.